‘Out of Site’ an at-home residency

The places and environments we inhabit affect our lives and creative practices. But our experiences of place are bigger than that of the physical world. We can also be impacted by virtual, emotional and imagined sites. Amidst the global Pandemic, many of our lives have been re-situated and our daily routines disrupted. Where we might normally navigate multiple sites on the average day, we have now been encouraged to centre our lives within the home and for many, the screen. In these circumstances, how can we face the landscapes that our lives are now played out upon, and how can this investigation fuel a reflective and reflexive creative practice?

Planned amidst the first round of lockdown restrictions in Victoria, the Out of Site: at-home residency, began as a reflection on being moved out of the site of the gallery and into the site of the home.
This reflection developed into considerations of practice and place and how restrictions to accessing physical sites would impact creative practices in different ways.